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Meet Fantasia!

This sweet girl was found in a bucket with her brother.

On a summer day in 2015, a compassionate social worker was guiding a team of her volunteers to distribute food amongst the homeless in downtown St. Louis. As they were working, the social worker noticed a woman carrying a bucket with two tiny kittens tucked inside. When she inquired about the kittens' mother, the kind woman suggested that she may have been hit by a car and explained that she was keeping the kittens in the safest place she had available to her — a bucket — and was caring for them as well as she could. Knowing that these babies would become increasingly difficult to care for and recognizing that they needed medical attention for their infected eyes, together they worked to get them to a better place which is how they landed safely here.

Even as tiny kittens, Fantasia and her brother, Bastian, had the hearts of fearless explorers and followed their foster mom around the house like little ducklings. It was no surprise to any of us that the pair found a home together almost immediately. Unfortunately, in January of this year, Fantasia was returned to Tenth Life due to no fault of her own.

And she's a great friend. She sleeps all smooshed right up against her foster mommy every night and always allows her to rest peacefully (and even sleep in!) until she formally decides to get up.

Fantasia is the perfect lap cat and an accomplished cuddle buddy. 

A that's not all. Here are few more of the things more make her special ...

For one, Fantasia experienced some medical issues last year including stomatitis which led to the removal of all of her teeth but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying food at all. WHAT A TROOPER!

She also adores a good game of fetch, returning the mice to you each time in her adorable toothless lil’ muppet mouth.


It was also discovered that Fantasia has an inflammatory disease that affects her skin and digestive system. Thankfully, her condition is easily well-managed. At this time, the only special care that Fantasia requires is a strict prescription diet of Royal Canin HP, an oral medication (Atopica) two times a week — and lots of cuddles!

Fantasia would really prefer to be the only kitty in the home and she has more than enough love to give; however, she may do okay with another mellow friend. Otherwise, she would easily adapt to any size of family or home.

Won’t you consider opening your home to your very own house panther to ensure that her “Neverending Story” has the perfect storybook ending?

If you believe you’d like to hear Fantasia’s chirpy, kitten-like mews greeting you at the door, carried by her itty bitty eight pound floofy frame, you can apply now to make this gal an important part of your family. Learn more at