Ways You Can Help

Below you'll meet our Litter Mates Club Feline Ambassadors. They're some of the cats who were saved by our cherished Littermates monthly supporters but they're far from the only ones.

Take a moment to get to know them and then close your eyes and imagine kissing each of their noses while you thoughtfully consider a gift of any size to ensure that vulnerable cats like them are never left behind but are instead given the best possible chance at the lives we all believe they deserve.

Do you believe all cats deserve a chance?



Meet our Littermates Club Feline Ambassadors

Every donation is a message, loud and clear, that their lives are worth saving. Your investment is much more than a gift of money. It's the gift of the best possible chance at a happy, healthy life for the most vulnerable cats. Thank you. xo


Tenth Life. When Nine Aren't Enough.