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Foster Testimonials

Here's what people are saying about foster parenting and Tenth Life! 

"We adopted kitties through Tenth Life before we became foster parents.  I really loved the work Tenth Life was doing and wanted to be a part of it.  As soon as we got over our fear about how our permanent cats would be affected, we took the plunge.  We've been fostering since May of 2011 and while it was difficult to let our first kitties go, it definitely gets easier, especially when you realize you can save even more precious kitty lives. When our kitties are fully socialized with our cats and loving as can be, we now say "they're ready to graduate"!  

"Tenth Life pays for any foster cat veterinary needs and are very helpful with guidance about their shots, any health issues, spay/neuter, etc.  Tenth Life also holds activities for their foster parents and we've so enjoyed the chance to socialize with other foster parents.  I've made great friends through Tenth Life.  

"We foster because we love cats and want to save every precious life we can.  It's so rewarding every day with their snuggles, seeing them grow, and seeing their unique personalities develop and flourish!  Whether it's tiny kittens separated too soon from their mama or outdoor friendly cats who would otherwise not even be given a chance or even euthanized, it's been a wonderful experience." ~ Julie

"There are so many great things to say about Tenth Life! They help cats that would likely be euthanized if not for the loving foster homes of Tenth Life! All the saved kitties are currently being fosterd but Tenth Life really needs a "Home Base" to help with all the rescue efforts! When I write "all" the rescue efforts, I mean A LOT of rescues! Many times it is a mother and her entire litter of babies! It is amazing and inspiring to watch Tenth Life transform a sick or injured cat into a ready-to-adopt animal!" ~ Mandy

"They do great work and help a lot of people connect with a lot of special felines." ~~ Anonymous

"These people are fantastic individuals! They work without fail to assist needy, sick, injured and endangered cats and kittens that would otherwise be euthanized in the St. Louis and surrounding areas. You can tell that Elizabeth and her volunteers have extended their circle of compassion to include those cats and kittens that would otherwise not have anyone to care for them." ~ Chance

"With only a handful of volunteers and limited resources, Tenth Life has managed to provide critical care for and facilitate the adoption of scores of disabled kitties in the St. Louis area. Tenth Life desperately needs additional funding to ensure the continuation of their vital work". ~~ David

"Tenth Life is the best. They take care of cats with problems. One particular one that I will never forget was a cat who could not walk because he had brain damage. Tenth Life got him a cart and now he wheels around all over the place. Such a joy to see." ~ Mary

"Tenth Life is a fantastic organization. The Director, Elizabeth, takes great care to ensure that each kitten/cat gets healthy and placed in a loving home. She does an amazing job from start to finish!" ~ Holly

"They specifically work to help the special needs kitties that would probably not make it otherwise." ~ Lori

"Hard working dedicated people who really care about cats and don't shy away from the hard cases. A wonderful organization. I'll be adopting my next cat from them." ~ Anonymous

"Tenth Life works hard to find medical care and permanent homes for cats and kittens in St. Louis. They rescue animals other shelters will not or cannot help. Every penny they raise goes towards saving the lives of special needs cats." ~ Bethany

Tenth Life helped me save a wonderful little kitty, and I know they work their tails off to help so many more, including those with special needs. Now that's love! ~ Britta

"Tenth Life and "socially conscious" go hand-in-hand. While many rescues take on the difficult task of assisting homeless animals, Tenth Life takes it a step further and assists homeless kitties with medical, or other troublesome problems. Giving cats a chance who otherwise wouldn't have one, deems this rescue numero uno in my book!" ~ Melissa

"Tenth Life accepts the most vulnerable of homeless cats and kittens, gets them the care they need and campaigns tirelessly for foster and permanent homes. It is an organization with a great deal of heart and soul and genuine love for cats." ~ Cat

"The specialized nature of Tenth Life makes them one in a million, in my book. Taking in cats and kittens who might otherwise be put down, even by other shelters, due to injuries or conditions deemed to grave or expensive to care for is exactly what make Tenth Life so very deserving of this award. With care and lots of love, the volunteers of Tenth Life give second chances to so many felines, all of whom are most deserving of love and a chance to give that love back to the purrfect human companion." ~ Dean