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Board of Directors

Tenth Life's direction is carefully steered by a group of dedicated volunteer leaders who ensure that everything we do aligns with our ultimate mission and vision. Our board and staff work very well together, allowing us to build true, lasting, and personal relationships with our supporters and volunteers.  


Allison Price

Kathy Jarowicz

Jennifer Nitchman

Board of Directors

Benjamin Trujillo, JD, LLM
Fawn Duve, Director of Veterinary Care
Dr. Kelly Molitor, DVM
Laurel Siffring, CPA

Meghan Endicott
Will Becker

Our passionate team of varied professionals and dedicated board members is here for you.  If you need to reach a board member, you may do so at To reach staff, please never hesitate to email us at

Tenth Life. When Nine Aren't Enough.