Ways You Can Help



Individual monthly support is critical to our mission. 

Because Tenth Life prioritizes cats with special needs and injuries, many foundations and private donors elect not to support our work in favor of helping organizations who can boast a lower cost per cat and higher turnover. So many organizations exist with missions to move the highest quantity of pets through their doors quickly and we're grateful they exist to fulfill that need. 

However, we believe that
all cats deserve a chance.

Tenth Life was founded to help those who don't fit into the traditional shelter environment. 
Our Litter Mates Feline Ambassadors may have been injured or may have medical and/or behavioral issues.  They may be sick or geriatric and in need of hospice care. Many are neonatal kittens for which very few other resources exist. Some LitterMates will spend their entire lives at Tenth Life and we're thankful that we can ensure that they're living the happy, healthy lives they deserve in comfort rather than facing unnecessary euthanasia.

By joining our 
Litter Mates Club, you'll help where it's needed most. Your gift of any amount helps Tenth Life save cats who have nowhere else to go and ensures that we can provide for all Tenth Life cats.

Your generosity provides critical medical assistance to cats for whom you are quite literally their voice. Thank you for speaking up for them.