Legal Requirements


By law, we are required to collect surrender paperwork prior to admission. 

You can find our current surrender paperwork linked below to look over as it will be required to admit a cat when space is available. These are only required and accepted at the time of admission but we want you to be aware of the information we are required by law to collect. Please look these forms over and be willing and ready to complete them if space is available. If there's any issue with printing, viewing, or completing these forms, please let us know. 

Tenth Life Stray Surrender Paperwork

The form required for transfer from another licensed organization or control facility can be viewed here

All forms can be printed and scanned back to us using any means available to you but email is preferred (note: we do not have a fax number available). If needed, there are some free and easy smartphone scanners available such as the ones listed below:

Scannable by Evernote for iOS
Tiny Scanner - PDF Scanner App for Android 


If you are writing from a state other than our home state of Missouri and will be transporting a cat over state lines, we are also required by law to obtain a health certificate from a veterinarian in the originating state. Please let us know if this will cause a issue and we will look into any possible available resources available to assist you.


Any and all questions about admitting a cat should be sent to admissions@tenthlifecats.orgYou can also leave us a message at (314) 808-2454, if needed.  As a mainly volunteer-run organization, we aim to answer all requests within 24-48 hours and appreciate your patience. Our website has lots of nooks and crannies for finding ways to get help in the meantime and we are working on improving it every day. Please let us know if you see a need for improvement.

Thanks for helping cats!