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The Top Two Reasons NOT To Foster Cats

Have you ever said something similar to either of the following statements?

"I can't foster because my cats won't tolerate another cat."


"I can't foster because I'll get too attached."

If so, you're not alone. In fact, did you know that these are the top two reasons people give for why they cannot foster a cat or kitten. If you've found yourself uttering these statements, we completely understand. And while these are perfectly reasonable arguments, please indulge us for a moment. We would like to convince you otherwise so that you might consider saving a life by fostering but hey, all we're asking you to do right now is read on. 

Why Now?
It's HOT. Really, really hot. Temperatures in St. Louis (NOT just heat index, mind you) are soaring, and will likely remain steamy for much of the summer. And if you think you're hot outside right now, just imagine adding a fur coat to that. It is very difficult for animals to stay cool in this weather, and that leads to dehydration and, in some cases, death. Then there's the rest of the year to think about. Especially the frigid winter months that will be back around in the blink of an eye. In between, there are flash floods, tornadoes, thunderstorms and the rest of it to consider.

And that's just the weather. There are SO many other risk factors to consider. 

But, look, it's never been our style to use scare tactics to convince good people to do extraordinary things. That's not what this is intended to be. However, we do want to be candid and share with you the reality faced by many pets living on the streets right now. If we're being honest with you (and we always are), feeling sorry for them is a lovely first step but they need more than your pity. 

They need SOMEONE to act. And we're all likely guilty of occasionally thinking that SOMEONE ELSE will do just fine. 

But what if that someone else is reading this and thinking the same thing? What if NO ONE shows up? 

So What About Those Two Very Good Reasons NOT To Foster?


First, to those of you who believe you cannot foster because your current pets wouldn't tolerate another creature... we have one word for you and that word is ...  


At first, maybe even just try Tenth Life on for size. You can begin by simply talking with our foster team and discussing the possibilities. Once you're over that obstacle, it will become much easier to give fostering a whirl! 

Well, Are you assuming your cat won't like another furry friend? Or do you actually know that for a fact? 

If it's the latter reason, that's fine. It's good that you know this about your own feline companions and are respectful of their boundaries. Perhaps you can give back to homeless animals in different ways (volunteering, donating money or needed items, spreading the word, etc.). 

However, if you have not actually tried integrating another kitty into your home, we dare you to give it a shot! Because who knows? Maybe your diva calico is actually craving a little guy to fulfill her inner mama instincts. Or maybe your obese orange tabby could use the exercise and would welcome a playmate! Tenth Life fully supports its foster parents, and we gladly offer tips and strategies for maximizing the potential for your current cats and your foster cat to get along, including having a behavior counselor hand to help you. There are countless ways to make the transition go more smoothly and painlessly for everyone starting here . Please don't hesitate to give fostering a try if you're worried about how your resident cat(s) will react. You don't know until you try. :)

Regarding reason number two: a fear of getting attached? We'll admit that that's a tough one.

Of course you'll get attached. That's a given and we're not going to try and convince you otherwise. But no one said it better than one of our foster parents when she said "the thing that helps me through my sadness when my foster kitties are adopted is knowing that letting them go allows me to help another needy one out there."  Yes, we love our foster cats, and YES it's difficult to say goodbye to them when they find their forever homes. But we prefer to think of all the kitties out on the streets now who do not know where their next meal is coming from and who cower in cardboard boxes and open garages, trying to stay safe. We think how relieved they would be to find a safe haven in your home, get reliable meals, and experience the loving touch of a human that they might not have had the pleasure of knowing. We think if the countless lives waiting to be saved and the shelter we've provided to the ones who came before. That is how we get through the pain of sending them on their way to live the lives they deserve.

So please, take a moment to consider fostering cats or kittens of any age. Tenth Life is eternally grateful for the team of dedicated foster parents but we always need more because, let's face it, there are more lives to save. 

The power of one is pretty incredible. Just think how you could have an impact on this world if you were to try.

Truly, madly, deeply and absolutely can't foster?
 Please consider sharing this link or the story or post where you originally stumbled upon it. You might even consider volunteering or donating instead. Thank you, in any case, for your incredible support. The cats, and we, appreciate you.


Especially if they go outside! This is a no-brainer when it comes to controlling the number of cats and fragile kittens who end up in shelters but there are benefits for your kitty, as well. Find out more here and find resources for assistance here

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