Ways You Can Help

Legacy Gifts and Bequests

Planning Ahead to Ensure that Your Passion and Legacy Continue

Tenth Life is sustained by its faithful and passionate donors. We are incredibly grateful for supporters who regularly remember our special cats when giving generously. 

Another way to support our mission that many people do not consider is a bequest. You can make a lasting contribution toward helping our needy cats and kittens by naming Tenth Life Cat Rescue as a beneficiary in your estate. This step requires only a few short sentences in your will and offers you a way to give more generously than you may have thought possible. Naming Tenth Life as a beneficiary in your will has no effect on your current assets and can include items beyond money.  Plus, the donor benefits through the reduction of estate taxes. 

Please speak with your attorney and/or accountant about the possibility of adding Tenth Life to your long-term plans. We would be honored to be considered in your future.

If you have additional questions for Tenth Life, please contact us.