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Seeking Transfer From Another Organization? 

If you work for a local area animal welfare organization or advocacy group and are interested in transferring over a cat who meets our mission, you can complete our admission request form or you can simply email

When emailing, please include as much of the following information as possible (you can copy and paste this into the email body, if desired): 

- Animal ID number 
- Gender
- Age

- Level of friendliness with people, cats, dogs, children, etc.
- Details about the cat's personality and background when possible

- Testing status for FeLV, FIV, heartworm, etc. (negative, positive, or untested)
- A list of any special needs or injuries that we should consider
- The name and contact information for the person responsible for the cat's release and transport
- Location of the cat
- Final date we can pull the cat 
- Any details you believe might be helpful

You can also send us a list of cats who need help as often as you like.

If you work for a local advocacy group and cannot legally transfer a cat on your own, please note that we will need to be connected via email with the direct contact person who has ownership of the cat and is able and willing to legally release them to us. Depending on the circumstance, we may be able to transfer or we may be required to obtain individual surrender forms as linked in our admission requirements (below).

Not in Missouri? Please read the admission requirements below as there are special legal requirements for animals crossing state lines.