All About Cats

Part I - Setting Up a Space

Every Cat Needs a "Home Base"

Cats are territorial animals, but too large of an initial territory can be overwhelming; therefore we advise you to set up a small room, without hiding places, for your shy cat to use as “Home Base.” Any small room or bathroom works well, just be sure that you have blocked off ALL hiding spaces - stuff blankets under furniture if necessary! Your personal bedroom can be especially effective since it helps the cat get used to you and your smell. If you use a bathroom, be sure your cat won’t be startled by the sounds of running water and flushing toilets. 

Provide the cat with food, water, and a litter box. You may also want to leave his carrier in the room with a soft blanket inside, so he can use it as a “safe spot.” Also consider leaving a radio or television on for the cat, preferably on calm channels, so he can get used to non-threatening human noise. Keep the cat in this room until you have worked through the entire socialization process. Letting your cat out of the room prematurely may allow him to find a hiding spot, and make the socialization process much more difficult!

Once you've set up a home base, progress to Part II - Introductions.