About Us

Meet Our Leadership Team!

Tenth Life's daily operations are performed by a team of committed, passionate leaders who are primarily volunteers. To email any of these lovely people, simply click on his or her name.

Founder, Elizabeth Frick

In 2009, Elizabeth felt that St. Louis needed more resources and assistance for cats in need, so she founded Tenth Life with one cat, one foster home, and just $50. She held the position of executive director the organization from January 2009-January 2016. Elizabeth has a handful of resident kitties and three human children with her husband, Adam.



Executive Director, Sondra English, EDD

Dr. English’s passion for animals began as a child when her father read Winnie the Pooh to her.  At that point, animals became more than words on a page.  They came alive with personalities and families and showed that they have a unique place in our natural world.  In 1997 while living in Iowa, Sondra and her husband, Peter, adopted Lynx, a kitty with medical needs.  Since then, they've also welcomed Smokey (the skittish one) and Quail (the one-eyed, tabby pirate) into their family.  Sondra has fostered kittens and volunteered with animal rescue groups.  After joining the board in 2016, she took on the challenge of leading Tenth Life in the role of executive director.


ssociate Director, Megan Fogliano

In 2010, Megan attended Tenth Life's annual Trivia Night. It was there that she met a very chubby cat named Butter, and she was hooked, becoming a dedicated full-time volunteer. She resides in Dogtown and wonders why St. Louis has no Cattown (we're with you, Megan!). Megan has fostered many cats, including Hippo. As associate director she wears many hats - all of them with silly cat ears attached.

Adoption Team Director, Bethany Cooper

Wanting to do something meaningful to help animals in the community, Bethany began fostering kittens for Tenth Life in 2010. She has been volunteering as Adoption Coordinator since 2012. She says, "working to find the perfect homes for stray and special-needs cats is truly a rewarding job."

Director of Veterinary Care, 
Fawn Duve

Fawn began volunteering for Tenth Life in the summer of 2012 - she "loves the mission, as well as working with other volunteers, but most of all the great feeling that comes with helping the kitties." She has three cats at home - Annie, Siena, and Patches who are each appropriately spoiled.

Director of Foster Care, Diana Zhu

Once upon a time, Diana hated cats because one threw up on her when she was a kid. One winter she and her husband suddenly and inexplicably became obsessed with cats, and when they eventually adopted Mochi, the best cat in the world, she quickly dove into Crazy Cat Lady-dom and began spreading kitty fever to everyone around. Soon all her friends and family had cats of their own, but there were still so many stray cats in the world, so she began volunteering for Tenth Life in 2014. Diana also shares her home with Kimchi (other best cat in the world) and usually a handful of wonderful foster kitties. Diana is the foundation of our foster program. 


Tenth Life Cat Companions Coordinator, Rachael Ludwig

Rachael has a passion for working with individuals with special needs and a love for animal rescue, so when she came across Tenth Life, it seemed like the perfect combination! It took no time for Rachael to become enamored with Tenth Life's very special cats. She has a sweet furry feline family of her own, including her four-year-old Alice and one-year-old Tenth Life alumnus and Companion Cat, Quita (pictured).


Director of Volunteer Engagement, Lana Petrovic

Lana is our director of volunteer engagement and volunteers in many ways. Her full bio is coming soon.


Volunteer Co-Coordinator, Gina Keckritz 

Gina "became addicted to Tenth Life" when she started frequenting the storefront on Cherokee to visit and play with the resident kitties and "quickly fell in love with not only the kitties but also with the amazing group of people who run this organization." Currently, Gina's own furry household includes two former Tenth Life foster cats, Hank and Judy, along with her well-loved and spoiled foster kitties.

Volunteer Co-Coordinator,
Jan Hilti

Jan has a special love for older cats, blind and differently-abled cats, and black cats... what a great fit she is for us! Jan currently has an older, blind tuxedo... a kitty trifecta! She first saw Tenth Life on a local news station in early 2013, attended a volunteer orientation, and the rest is history!