Hope For The Holidays

Have a little hope. Give a little hope. 


Want to be a part of our HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS Campaign?
Getting involved is EASY and doesn't have to cost you a dime! Here's how: 

BONUS: $10,000 will be matched by a generous donor
PLUS $7 Million is up for grabs via Facebook on #GivingTuesday starting at 7am CST on November 27, 2018!


(*not calculated in real time)

1. Start a HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS Facebook campaign to raise lifesaving funds for Tenth Life. 

2. Once you've set up a Facebook fundraiser, you're entered win "Cozy Comforts" like soft beds, blankets, and toys LIKE THESE gifted in your name to one of the new kitties. 

3. Be one of the first ten to raise $1,000! 
As one of the first ten to raise $1,000 for Tenth Life, you'll name a kitty who will be saved and given a Tenth Life using our brand cozy new isolation space. 



As a participant in this campaign at any level, your name and the amount you raised will appear in our adoption center in January and will also appear on this page throughout 2019.

And if you're the person who raises the most during HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS, your name will appear big and bold in our adoption center and on this page as a BEACON OF HOPE plus we'll share with our followers!

Prefer to remain anonymous or wish to donate in another way?
Give online, mail a check, or donate in person. Just enter "HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS" in the memo field.
See FAQs for more information. Prefer to give items? Start here

Read the email for more information, as well. 

Check out the FAQ below for answers to your questions including tips on how to participate offline or otherwise.

Q: Do I have to raise the funds on Facebook? 
A: No. We recommend using Facebook on #GivingTuesday using their hashtag and spreading the word, love, and HOPE because Facebook has partnered with PayPal to match funds up to $7M which could greatly impact giving and awareness. Find information here on how (and why #GivingTuesday is the best day.

Q: What if I prefer to not to use Facebook?
A. That's okay! You can still participate. Give online at and enter "HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS" in the memo field or pay by check (mail to: Tenth Life Cat Rescue, PO Box 63187, Saint Louis, MO 63163).  

Q: What if I prefer to remain anonymous?
A.  If you include "HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS" with your donation, we will include your name alongside others and you will be recognized so please if you prefer to remain anonymous.  

Q: Do I have to raise the funds on #GivingTuesday, November 27, 2018? 

A: No. We recommend soliciting funds on #GivingTuesday because it improves giving but it is not required. Give now, give whenever you feel called to give and share HOPE. We're accepting pledges and gifts now. 

Q: When does the HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS campaign begin and end? 
A: HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS begins at 12:00AM on November 27, 2018 (#GivingTuesday) and will end on December 31, 2018 at 11:59PM as we ring in the new year. All stand-alone donations received during this time via Facebook or received with the "HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS" 

Q: Do I have to raise the funds on #GivingTuesday, November 27, 2018 to be included in the $10,000 in matching funds? 
A: No.
We recommend soliciting funds on #GivingTuesday because it improves giving but it is not required to be included in the matching funds. Up to $10,000 will be matched and that match may increase if we break that threshold before December 31. 

Q: I didn't think Tenth Life used kennels. 
A: Good catch! We don't house our cats in kennels but we do have to isolate cats when they arrive to make sure they don't have a communicable disease or parasites they could pass on to our free-roaming population. These new kennels mean that we don't have to wait for a foster parent to be available for every cat we take in. The most needy ones  will still require foster homes but some will be candidates for a short stint in a kennel before joining the clowder. 

A: Thank you for asking!
We love matching funds and we still need donations of beds, litter, food, prizes to giveaway and such. We would love to discuss collaborations. Email Megan at to inquire. Thank you!

Q: I can't tell if Tenth Life can see my donation or fundraiser and I want to be sure it's counted.

A: We *should* be able to see all the fundraisers created in our name on Facebook. However, Facebook can be tricky and, depending on how you created your fundraiser, it might be hidden. To be sure, you can tag us (@tenthlifecats) and use the hashtag #HopeForTheHolidays. You can also check the participants page which we'll update at often as possible to see if we've added you there. If you want to be SURE we can see it, please feel free to email the link to your fundraiser or any questions to to make sure we see it!

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Graced with the name Hope as she was being rushed to an emergency veterinarian, she'd been found trapped in an apartment that had been unoccupied for months. Discovered as workers began renovations on the third floor, her past is unknown. All we knew when we found her was that she was starving and absolutely terrified of humans. Physically and emotionally drained, she displayed signs of neurological distress, including having stress-induced seizures. 

While it remains uncertain how long Hope was living all alone in that abandoned apartment or how she ended up there, we are grateful to report that she is now happy and has learned to trust humans again. She has been seeing a neurologist in an attempt to figure out why she continues to have seizures but they have improved and she’s otherwise healthy and happy and loving affection. 

We are thankful to the people who found her and to those who got the word out so that we could step in and give her another chance at health, happiness, and HOPE.

We’re beyond appreciative to YOU, as well, for every time you’ve ever donated or shared our message to make rescues like Hope’s possible. We could not save cats like Hope without you.

If you’re happy for Hope, please consider sharing her story. Because when more people know, more people help. And when more people help, more cats like Hope will get their Tenth Life.

And that gives us HOPE.


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More about Facebook Giving: