Featured Volunteer: Dana Lee

Hats Off to the Basement Czar!

Have you heard this joke? A volunteer in a bunny suit walks into a cat rescue ... Actually, this one's no joke. A couple of years ago, Dana Lee (aka Dana Leibowitz) walked into the TLOC storefront, and Tenth Life has never been the same. We were immediately charmed by her infectious sense of humor, her impressive energy, and her enthusiastic can-do attitude.

This recognition is long overdue, but it's even more pressing now, as Dana hands off the leadership of TLOC to our new manager, Rebecca Radford. Dana's time at the helm may not have been the longest, but she could not have taken charge at a more important time. First, based on her motivation for getting things done and her enthusiasm for putting great ideas in motion, she was tapped to be co-manager of TLOC. Then when we needed her most, she stepped up as the solo captain of the ship and helped get us back on track. During her reign as TLOC Manager, Dana oversaw numerous improvements in the storefront's daily operations, revamped staff training protocols, and served as the liaison to our directors, team leaders, and foster parents. Mre often than not, Dana was on site to supervise or do the hard work herself, putting in countless hours caring for the TLOC kitties, filling in holes in the schedule, and keeping staff morale way up. We still don't know how she managed to make sense of what goes on in the basement, but she did such a good job getting a handle on the downstairs inventory that she became affectionately known as our Basement Czar.

And she did all this while working her full-time job at St. Anthony's Medical Center and simultaneously applying for medical school, which sometimes involved flying to interviews on short notice. We remember times when Dana landed from an overnight flight, drove directly from the airport to TLOC to pick up a sick kitty and take it to the vet, and then ran back to open the storefront! 

More than anything, she has made sure that TLOC is awesome place to be (for staff, resident kitties, and visitors).
Under Dana's leadership, TLOC has truly become what many of us like to call the happiest place on Earth.
  Although we're not happy that Dana may have to leave the St. Louis area for medical school, we know that with her intelligence, admirable work ethic, and unsinkable spirit, she will accomplish all her goals and will one day be the most amazing doctor ("Calling Dr. Leibowitz ..."). 

In the meantime, we just want to say thanks for all the good times, Dana! Whether you've delighted us by the epic lunches you've managed to pack away, kept us guessing as to your current TLOC kitty love affair (first Klimt, then Buzz, then Jetta), or simply made us laugh out loud with your killer humor or your awesome bunny suit, we've been privileged to serve alongside you.

Thanks for all you've done for Tenth Life,
and here's to more fun while you're with us!