Meet Forte!

Forte's a special lil' lady. She got her name because, even as a tiny kitten, her foster mom reports that she was incredibly LOUD. She wanted her demands known from a very young age and we can respect that.

She is known as a Manx kitty because she has no tail. Not only does this adorable trait make her cute to look at, but the nerve damage she has causes her to hop like a bunny. This doesn't slow her down one bit. She loves to romp and play, chasing toys and laser lights just like any other kitty. Even though Forte cannot jump, boy, can she climb! This beautiful long-haired tabby has no trouble whatsoever getting on the bed and climbing a 5-foot cat tree! She is able to jump off of these perches, sometimes landing squarely, and sometimes... less so. We all have our clumsy moments though, right? Because of her special needs, Forte would do best living in a mostly-carpeted home so that her landings will always be as well-cushioned as they can be. Though she wasn't convinced initially, Forte has learned that dogs can be good buddies.

This beautiful, silly gal is in search of a very special adopter because she requires help using the litter box a couple of times a day. Thankfully, expressing a kitty is something that is relatively easy to learn, and she is very agreeable with the assistance. If you're someone who works from home, has a flexible schedule, or otherwise has the time to devote to a very special kitty, Forte will make the dedication completely worth your while.

Cats like Forte are precisely why Tenth Life exists, to give those with special needs the long, happy, healthy lives we believe they deserve.

More photos of Forte can be seen here and video lives here. You can also learn more about Manx Syndrome over here. Interested in Forte? Learn more.