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How can I admit a stray cat to Tenth Life? 

So glad you asked!
First and foremost, thank you for caring enough to be here, asking this question and reading this information. Below, we'll tell you a bit about Tenth Life and our admission process, including how to request admission for the stray you've found. We hope some of this information helps. 

Tenth Life prioritizes stray cats with special needs and injuries. 
We prioritize cats in our local area with special needs and injuries and triage requests as such. Of course, we help many typical cats, as well. This simply means that our emphasis is on those with special needs and injuries, including neonatal kittens and geriatric cats. 

Why can't Tenth Life take all the cats?
Wouldn't that be lovely?! At Tenth Life, we do not have a traditional shelter.  We have an adoption lounge that you can visit filled with couches and cats who live harmoniously together in a home-like environment. Most of our adoptable cats reside in foster homes. A handful of those cats, once temperament-tested and healthy enough, will move to our adoption center and will remain there until they are adopted, making room for more cats to move in. Regretfully, we are currently unable to accept any new admissions through our adoption center in order to protect the health and balance of the cats who reside there. We must typically have a foster parent available for a cat to be admitted. You can apply to become a foster parent here, if you'd like to help. 

While we will reply as quickly as possible and will do whatever we can to help, it is sadly and simply impossible for us to help every cat who needs immediate help even though they're all worthy and tug at our heartstrings.

We also often operate at (or very near) capacity.  
We realize that many rescue organizations are often full but please continue to reach out! Circumstances at rescues tend to change from day to day and many will tell you if they have space available or might soon. Tenth Life offers a wait list when capacity allows us to do so.

Veterinary bills are very real, indeed.   
As you can imagine, special needs and injuries are expensive to care for. Tenth Life spends over $100,000 each year on medical care, much of it for emergent care. Like most, we must be able to afford to care well for all the cats we take in.  If you'd like to donate, you can do so here or start a Tenth Life fundraiser on Facebook or at your place of business. Send an email to if you have questions or want to set something up.  

Emergency? Don't wait! 
Please do not wait to hear from us or any rescue before seeking help for a cat who is in need of emergency medical attention. Sadly, Tenth Life does not have an emergency medical clinic and we do not currently have a veterinarian on staff and must schedule with our partner veterinarians and emergency services. 

We do our very best to triage quickly and we realize that time is often of the essence. Perhaps you need an answer or help faster than we can manage. We wish we could do more to spring into superhero mode immediately and swiftly. Often we can but that's not always the case. If you need immediate assistance and cannot wait for a reply from us, please don't wait. Contact all the resources listed here and think about being that hero, if you can, by heading to a veterinarian and possibly starting a fundraiser to help the cat you've found. You can cross-market the fundraiser on Facebook pages which promote cat rescue in your area while you wait for help from local rescue organizations.

Looking for placement?  
If you're seeking placement for a stray cat, especially one with special needs or injuries, including very young or very old cats, please complete the form below.

At Tenth Life, we believe in individual advocacy and we are here to help you help the stray cat you've found get care and live the life it deserves. 
We believe cats find people who care enough to fight for them for a reason and you are the best person to make sure that they get the help they need until they can find placement. We check our messages throughout the day and will reply just as soon as we can. We triage these messages so the most pressing matters will receive replies first. Please use our resources to empower you to do all that you can for the kitty in the meantime. 

Why so many questions? 
We ask the questions that help our fosters get a well-rounded picture of the cat so that they can determine if they are well equipped to handle the needs of the cat they're offering to bring into their home. 

Seeking Transfer From Another Organization? 
If you work for a local area animal welfare organization or advocacy group and are interested in transferring over a cat who meets our mission, you can complete the form below or you can simply email When emailing, please include as much of the following information as possible (you can copy and paste this into the email body, if desired): 

- Animal ID number
- Gender and approximate age
- Level of friendliness with people, cats, dogs, children, etc.
- Testing status for FeLV and/or FIV (negative, positive, or untested)
- A list of any special needs 
- The name and contact information for the person responsible for release
- Final date we can pull the cat 

If you work for a local advocacy group which cannot legally transfer a cat on your own, please note that we will need direct contact information to reach the person who has ownership of the cat and is able and willing to legally release them to us via our transfer or individual surrender forms. 


Applying to admit a stray cat? Great! Here's what will happen next. 

When you click 'submit' below, you'll receive a confirmation on the screen here followed by quite a bit of information to begin helping you immediately. You can also peruse our website for more helpful information. If you do not receive a confirmation on the screen nor an email once you've clicked the 'SUBMIT' button, please check to see if the form is indicating that you've forgotten a required bit of information. If you don't have an answer to a question, you can simply say that in the answer field. 

Once you've received our standard reply, please move on to any resources available and reach out to as many places as you can. Our admissions team will triage all requests throughout the day and will respond to each one personally as quickly as possible. Depending on the demand and season, this could be 24 hours or more. For urgent cases, we do our best to reply right away. Please be sure that your phone number and email address are accurate. 


Any questions or concerns about admitting a cat should be sent to
We answer every call, carrier pigeon, and email and we do so personally and professionally to give you as many resources as possible for your situation.  As a mainly volunteer-run organization, this often takes time. We triage requests and aim to answer all within 24 hours and truly, madly, deeply appreciate your patience. Please note that our social media channels will refer you back here as there's no way to search and track the hundreds of requests we receive on social media each week. We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause. 

You can also leave us a message at (314) 808-2454, if needed. Please note that messages are returned by volunteers or staff once or more per day and all calls should receive a reply within 24 hours. 


Found kittens? Start here. Need resources fast? Start here. Not writing about a stray cat? Read this

You can find some wonderful local resources here, including links to low-cost care options and additional local rescue organizations which may be able to help when you, or we, cannot. 


Thank you for being a cat advocate and best of luck!