Request Admission

So, you've found a cat. What should you do now? 


If you've found a cat, we highly recommend beginning by having them scanned for a microchip. Most veterinarians will do this for you for free and this can help you reunite them with their families in the case that they are lost or stolen and not, in fact, stray. This happens more often that you'd imagine and it's the best possible scenario for any cat and their longing family when they can be reunited. 

If you have found baby kittens, please begin here to find out what - and what not - to do to ensure their safety. 

If the cat seems to be scared of humans, start here. You can also find information about helping cats during cold weather here and here. For hot weather outdoor care tips, start here.  

Please do not wait to hear from us or any rescue before seeking help for a cat who is in need of emergency medical attention. 

We will do all that we can to help every cat either directly or indirectly. However, please know that we do not have a traditional shelter and most of our adoptable cats reside in foster homes. Only temperament-tested, healthy cats reside at our storefront until they are adopted. Unfortunately, this means that we are unable to accept any new admissions at our storefront as we must protect the health of the cats who reside there. 

Please note that we are not an emergency clinic and we do not currently have a veterinarian on staff. While we will reply as quickly as possible and do whatever we can to help, it is impossible for us to help every cat who needs attention, especially if it needs immediate medical intervention. We believe they've found you for a reason - because you care - and you are the best person to make sure that they get the help they need. If necessary, you can find some wonderful local resources here including links to low-cost care options and additional local rescue organizations which may be able to help when you, or we, cannot. And you can always reach out to us and other rescues once you're there to find out if resources are available.

What if I'm in search of a new home for my pet?

If you are looking for help with to rehoming a pet, we recommend beginning your search here
If you are seeking help with feral cats, please look here
You will find a list St. Louis area rescues, TNR facilitators, shelters, and discount spay/neuter organizations that may be able to help you in the meantime or in the case that we at Tenth Life cannot.

If you have already had the stray cat you've found scanned for a microchip, you can fill out the form below for consideration. 

As a reminder, Tenth Life relies upon foster parents to care for all new cats, triages all requests received, and may not be able to extend an offer to help every cat as we are limited by space and resources. Please provide as much information as possible so that we may evaluate your request appropriately and seek placement when placement is available. Doing so will also help us to provide you with the best possible resources for your individual situation. 

By law, we are required to collect surrender paperwork prior to admission.

You can find our current surrender forms linked below to look over as they will be required if space is available. If there is any issue with completing these forms, please let us know. 


Forms can be printed and scanned back to us using any means available to you. If needed, there are some free and easy smartphone scanners available such as: 

Scannable by Evernote for iOS

Tiny Scanner - PDF Scanner App for Android 

If you are writing from a state other than Missouri and will be transporting a cat over state lines, we are also required to request a health certificate from a veterinarian in the originating state. Please let us know if this will cause a issue and we will look into resources and ways we may be able to assist or refer you.

Any and all questions about admitting a cat should be sent to admissions@tenthlifecats.orgYou can also leave us a message at (314) 808-2454, if needed.  As a mainly volunteer-run organization, we aim to answer all requests within 24-48 hours and appreciate your patience. Our website has lots of nooks and crannies for finding ways to get help in the meantime and we are working on improving it very soon.

Please don't hesitate to ask questions. 

Thank you!